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How Spud Suds Removes Odors From Luxury Vehicle Interiors

11/29/23 | Admin

Spud Suds Miami

Odors can be invasive and tenacious, especially when they take residence in a luxury vehicle like a Mercedes-Benz GLE. In this case, the owner had just acquired the vehicle second-hand online and had it shipped down to sunny South Florida. Little did they know that an unwelcome odor had also hitched a ride.

So, how did Spud Suds tackle such a challenge and restore the freshness to a high-end automobile? Let's take a journey through the process of odor removal detailing.

The Mystery of the Lingering Odor

The first step in eliminating odors is to identify their source. In this instance, the source of the unwanted scent was elusive. The owner had scoured the vehicle but couldn't pinpoint the origin of the odor. It was a puzzle waiting to be solved.

Low Moisture/Encapsulation Cleaning

Our quest to banish the odor began with a focus on the microsuede headliner and seat inserts. These are often overlooked areas where odors can linger. We employed a low moisture/encapsulation cleaning method to delicately cleanse these surfaces. This method not only cleans but also encapsulates and traps odor molecules, preventing them from escaping and causing unpleasant smells.

Thorough Cleaning of All Surfaces

With the headliner and seat inserts dialed in, we turned our attention to the rest of the interior. Every nook and cranny was cleaned. Hard and soft touch surfaces, including leather, vinyl, and plastics, were treated to a gentle cleaner. Various brushes and high-pressure steam were employed to thoroughly cleanse and flush out old dressings, oils, and dirt that might be harboring odors.

Carpets and Mats Treatment

Next on the agenda was the carpets and mats. These are prime candidates for odor retention, especially if spills or accidents have occurred in the past. We pretreated them with an enzyme cleaner, followed by a thorough steaming and hot water extraction. This process not only cleans the visible surfaces but also penetrates deep into the fibers to eliminate any hidden odor culprits.

Restoring Leather Surfaces

Luxury vehicles often feature exquisite leather interiors. To ensure the leather not only looked pristine but also contributed to odor elimination, we applied a conditioner that left a matte appearance. This step not only rejuvenates the leather but also prevents it from being a source of odor.

Crystal Clear Glass and Reflective Surfaces

A luxury vehicle's interior isn't just about the seating and upholstery; it's also about the ambiance. We then cleaned all glass and reflective surfaces, leaving them streak-free. This not only enhances the visual appeal but also ensures that no lingering odors are trapped on these surfaces.

Chlorine Dioxide Treatment

One of the key weapons in our odor elimination arsenal is chlorine dioxide treatments. We strategically placed these treatments in the trunk, as well as in the first and second-row footwells. Chlorine dioxide is highly effective at neutralizing odors, and it penetrates even the most inaccessible nooks and crannies of the vehicle's interior.

The Waiting Game

After the extensive cleaning and treatment process, it was time to let the vehicle sit overnight. This allowed the chlorine dioxide treatments to work their magic, effectively eliminating any and all foreign smells.

AC System Circulation

The following day, we ran the vehicle's AC system for 30 minutes. This not only ensured adequate circulation of fresh air but also helped remove any lingering chlorine dioxide smell, leaving the interior smelling clean and neutral.

Finishing Touches

As a courtesy, we concluded the odor removal detailing with a hand wash and wheel cleaning for all interior focus jobs. This ensured that not only was the interior odor-free but also the exterior sparkled with the same level of care.

In the end, the mystery of the invasive odor in the Mercedes-Benz GLE was solved, and the vehicle was returned to its owner in South Florida, now not only looking pristine but also smelling fresh and inviting. At Spud Suds, we understand that a luxury vehicle deserves nothing but the best in odor elimination and detailing, and we take pride in delivering exceptional results every time.