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How This 1970 Chevelle Nearly Doubled in Value

04/10/24 | Luis

Spud Suds Miami

Being a detailer isn't just about making cars look good – it's about preserving their history and enhancing their value.

Few cars embody that sentiment more than the 1970 Chevelle that has been under my care for the past two years.

From its iconic design to its powerful performance, this classic American muscle car is a true automotive gem, and I've had the privilege of helping it shine even brighter.

Continue reading to see how Spud Suds kept this classic in top-tier condition and the jaw-dropping price the owner recently sold it for!

1970 Chevelle

1970 Chevelle

1970 Chevelle

1970 Chevelle

When the Chevelle first rolled into my shop, it was clear that it had seen its fair share of miles and memories.

While the body was in relatively good condition, the paint had lost some of its luster, and the years of wear and tear were starting to show.

But I saw potential in this car – the potential to restore it to its former glory and unlock its true value.

The journey began with a comprehensive paint correction and ceramic coating, a process that involved carefully restoring the paintwork to its original brilliance and applying a durable protective coating to safeguard it against the elements.

In fact, ceramic coating actually improves the value of a vehicle, especially when it's already kept in or restored to a pristine condition.

With each pass of the polisher and each layer of ceramic coating applied, I could see the Chevelle's true beauty starting to emerge.

Maintenance is Key

But the work didn't stop there. Maintaining a car's value isn't just about making it look good once – it's about ensuring that it stays looking good for years to come.

That's why the Chevelle became a regular visitor to my shop, returning every month for its scheduled maintenance sessions.

From thorough washes to regular in-depth inspections, I made sure that every detail was attended to, leaving no stone unturned in my quest to keep this classic car in peak condition.

As time went on, the Chevelle began to take on a new life. Its paintwork gleamed under the sun, its chrome accents sparkled in the light, and its engine roared with the power and precision of a true American muscle car.

And with each passing day, its value continued to rise – not just monetarily, but also in the eyes of those who beheld it.

1970 Chevelle

1970 Chevelle

1970 Chevelle

1970 Chevelle

Turning the Page with Higher Value and a Profit

Today, as the Chevelle prepares to embark on its next chapter, I can't help but feel a sense of pride in the role I've played in its story.

From the initial paint correction to the final polish, I've poured my heart and soul into preserving this car's legacy and ensuring that it commands the attention and admiration it deserves.

The owner's decision to sell the Chevelle for a staggering $85,000, after initially purchasing for $45,000 speaks volumes about the impact of proper care and maintenance. It's a testament to the power of detailing in enhancing a car's value and preserving its heritage for future generations to enjoy.

And as I bid farewell to this iconic car, I'm reminded once again of the timeless beauty and enduring appeal of classic American muscle cars like the 1970 Chevelle.